Just Host, Just Uptime and Just Stats


Just Host, Just Uptime and Just Stats

July 4th, 2008

We first learned about Just Host through Just Uptime, which we have been very happy users of for a while. Just Uptime monitors your websites and servers and alert you via email and SMS text messaging as soon as anything goes wrong. Other features include detailed reports and load and response times.

Just Host is the latest company to be launched by Just Develop It, and their product serie now includes online storage, server monitoring, web design and much more. Just Host provides professional web hosting packages, which are suited to both technophobic and computer literate users alike. By providing each hosted site with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, Just Host is the ideal platform from which to host any size of site at an affordable price.

Another interesting product is Just Stats which is an ROI tracking system for businesses to analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. From the moment a visitor enters the site through a Just Stats link, their progress around the site leading to a sale can be monitored.

I can’t wait to see what these guys will come up with next…

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